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Safe off-piste skiing requires a host of precautions

Created on 08 January 2013. Posted in News

... villages of Tarshish and Kfar Salwan in Mount Lebanon, three of the group then fell into an icy ravine, and all sustained injuries, one serious.BEIRUT: When a group of 10 students set ...

The Backpackers Guide to Beirut

Created on 28 December 2012. Posted in News

 Listen, before you let your family and friends dissuade you from travelling to the beautiful but slightly schizophrenic city that is Beirut, Lebanon, let us first give you a complete idea of what ...

A week of low-key culture looms over Baabdat

Created on 03 August 2012. Posted in News

... Baabdat will host an exhibition of work by Lebanese photographer Charbel Bouez. Habitués of the Beirut gallery scene may recall “Audace,” an exhibition of over 100 of Bouez’s photographs last April at ...

Customs Regulations

Created on 14 July 2012. Posted in About Lebanon

... circumstances, is obtained from the Lebanese Ministries of Defense and Interior at Beirut prior to arrival Export: Allowed with no restrictions are local currency (Lebanese Pound LBP) and ...

Byblos, Lebanon

Created on 13 July 2012. Posted in Important Cities

37 km north of Beirut, Byblos is one of the top contenders for the "oldest continuously inhabited city" award. According to Phoenician tradition, it was founded by the god El. Although its beginnings ...

Lebanon in a week: the ultimate road-trip guide

Created on 09 July 2012. Posted in News

... destinations. Touch down in Beirut and rent a car, perhaps with Advanced Car Rental which offers friendly service, competitive rates, and a free Arabic elevator-music CD thrown in. You will need, however, ...

Fed up? Take a weekend hiatus in Istanbul

Created on 25 June 2012. Posted in News

... largest and most vibrant cities, brimming with history, cuisine, stunning architecture and plenty of sea views. TIPS  - Istanbul’s sidewalks compete with Beirut’s in terms of unevenness, so pack ...

Discover a slice of rural life hidden in the Chouf

Created on 30 May 2012. Posted in News

... a year ago, after a career working as a post office manager in Beirut. He is now a guide for visitors. “I’m happy to work in the Chouf. It’s my home,” he says. Back in Niha, at her guesthouse, Samia ...

Tripoli, Batroun offer cultural treasures

Created on 30 May 2012. Posted in News

By:Justin Salhani - The Daily Star BEIRUT: The Phoenicians, Crusaders, Mamluks, Ottomans, Arabs, Europeans and others have all, at one time, claimed ownership over Lebanon’s northern coast. ...

Breaking bread in the Bekaa

Created on 14 May 2012. Posted in News

By: Brooke Anderson - The Daily Star BEKAA, Lebanon: Away from the posh restaurants of Beirut, Lebanese food and wine lovers are toasting one another at the source of the agricultural chain. ...

Explore the host of hidden treasures Beirut has on offer

Created on 14 May 2012. Posted in News

By:Niamh Fleming-Farrell - The Daily Star BEIRUT: Beirut guidebooks have their uses – hotel listings, emergency numbers, helpful maps – but on the sightseeing front they often come up short. ...

RoundTable Arab-Euro Med

Created on 02 March 2012. Posted in Events

Roundtable Arab-Euro Med Youth Hostels Associations Beirut 1- 4 June 2012    More Information > RoundTable Programme (pdf) > Registration form   ...

Profile of Lebanon

Created on 15 February 2012. Posted in About Lebanon

... just two of the great civilizations that touched this important Middle Eastern crossroads. The cosmopolitan flair of modern-day Beirut, the gastronomic renown of the country's food and wine, and an ...

Facts about Lebanon

Created on 14 February 2012. Posted in About Lebanon

CAPITAL: Beirut                                                     ...

Useful Information

Created on 13 February 2012. Posted in About Lebanon

... and consulates around the world. Nationals of many countries can also obtain business or tourist visas upon arrival at the Beirut Airport and at other ports of entry on the Lebanese border. At the ...


Created on 31 January 2012. Posted in Activities in Lebanon

... to nearby towns and historic attractions, for hikes in surrounding natural areas, or simply as a quiet respite from the bustle of Beirut city life  ...

Beaches and Seaside

Created on 31 January 2012. Posted in Activities in Lebanon

... of along Lebanon's scenic shore. The coastline in Lebanon alternates from sandy to rocky beaches, offering an interesting variety of terrain and seaside activities. Along the coast north of Beirut, ...

Rural Heritage

Created on 31 January 2012. Posted in Activities in Lebanon

... Although much of the Lebanese population lives and works in Beirut, most families have a “home” village where they spend their weekends and summers. One of the delights of Lebanon's rural villages is ...
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