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CEO Meeting 2012

Created on 05 October 2012. Posted in News

... brief overview of the work which had been carried out since the recent 49th International Conference & General Meeting.  He stressed that one of the main focuses of the meeting will be to ...

Certificate of Merits to Mr.Anis Abdul Malak

Created on 22 July 2012. Posted in News

During the 49 International Conference in Slovenia, the HI President Edith Arnoult-Brill then presented a number of Certificate of Merits; this award honours people for their long service to the Youth ...

Travel Tips

Created on 14 July 2012. Posted in About Lebanon

... goods before departing. Exchange a small amount of currency to currency of destination. Public Health Requirements: The international sanitary regulations (No.2, WHO) in accordance with the regulations ...

HI - 49th International Conference

Created on 11 July 2012. Posted in News

...    Rawdon Law from YHA China presented their work with regard to Social Business and Sustainability.    When closing the 49th International Conference & General Meeting the President, ...

HI Promote the 49th International Conference

Created on 10 July 2012. Posted in News

On Friday 6 July 2012 HI and HI Slovenia hosted a press conference to promote the 49th International Conference.  HI President, Edith Arnoult Brill, spoke of the importance of this meeting and how ...

Fed up? Take a weekend hiatus in Istanbul

Created on 25 June 2012. Posted in News

... may be slightly cooler than in Beirut, but sunscreen is still a must.  FRIDAY The flight from Rafik Hariri International to Ataturk airport takes a little under an hour and a half, and there’s ...

Breaking bread in the Bekaa

Created on 14 May 2012. Posted in News

... offer all labels of Lebanese wine will help in the quest for a national brand. Were one or more Lebanese wines to earn greater international recognition, this could lead to a spike in exports – which until ...

Explore the host of hidden treasures Beirut has on offer

Created on 14 May 2012. Posted in News

... With a new exhibition or installation every two to three months, the Hangar showcases work by both Lebanese and international artists. The exhibitions are certainly worth a look, but so is the adventure ...

Tourism Events 2012

Created on 03 March 2012. Posted in Events

13 Mar 2012 International Conference for Academic Disciplines Las Vegas Nevada  14 Mar 2012 Work Experience Travel Market & IAPA Annual Conference 2012 Budapest Hungary  ...

Useful Information

Created on 13 February 2012. Posted in About Lebanon

...  Telephones: While the telephone system in Lebanon is well-developed, there are few public pay phones, and international phone calls are expensive. Most Lebanese use mobile phones, and coverage extends ...

Explore Lebanon

Created on 11 February 2012. Posted in About Lebanon

... climes, 6-22°C (45-70°F). For arts enthusiasts, summer is when Lebanon hosts a large number of festivals, featuring both local and international performers. The largest of these festivals are held at ...

2011 International Tourism Results & Prospects2012

Created on 02 February 2012. Posted in News

UNWTO has launched a very interesting report, where they present tourism-related indicators on International Tourism. It includes historic data, but also a forecast for 2012 with a prediction that ...

HI Slovenia looks forward to welcoming you

Created on 02 February 2012. Posted in News

As hosts of the 49th International Conference, HI Slovenia is looking forward to welcoming colleagues from all around the world.  HI Slovenia has created a special Conference website, ...

Hostelling International eMembership NOW LIVE!

Created on 02 February 2012. Posted in News

We are very happy to announce that eMembership has been launched today, 01 February 2012. As previously communicated, eMembership will be offered during the booking process on   ...

History & Mission

Created on 27 January 2012. Posted in About HI

... of the world and to be accommodated in village schools. The idea soon spread across Europe with a series of youth hostel associations being set up in different countries until 1932 the international youth ...

What Are Hostels

Created on 26 January 2012. Posted in About HI

Hostels provide friendly, inexpensive overnight accommodations for travelers. Hostelling International hostels assure travelers the utmost in quality standards including cleanliness, security and service. ...

HI-Canada visits Hostelling International

Created on 25 January 2012. Posted in News

In December2011, a delegation from HI-Canada visited the International Office in Welwyn Garden City. The topics for discussion included sharing best practices, developing an action plan to improve ...

Full Day Tours

Created on 23 January 2012. Posted in Tours in Lebanon

... Valley, the picturesque villages of Hadeth and Hasroun leading you to Besharre the hometown of the famous Gubran Khalil Gubran the international poet of Lebanese origin. A museum is there for tourist to ...

International tourist arrivals 2010

Created on 23 January 2012. Posted in News

  Out of a global total of 940 million tourists, the top ten international tourism destinations in 2010 were : RankCountryInternational tourist arrivals 1  France 76.80 million ...

Quality Standards

Created on 23 January 2012. Posted in About HI

Hostelling International's Assured Quality Standards program means you can rely on a consistent level of services and facilities wherever you stay. The requirements of the Assured Quality Standards are ...
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