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Safe off-piste skiing requires a host of precautions

Created on 08 January 2013. Posted in News

... says. “I never go off piste, and you do so at your own risk.” After a big storm is the best time to ski off-piste, Rizk adds, as there is then sufficient, or better, snow coverage. On the slopes, skiers ...

Top 10 New Year traditions around the world

Created on 28 December 2012. Posted in News

... represent. A bubbly surface can mean money is coming your way; a broken shape misfortune. Ships refer to traveling; a ball means luck; a monkey says beware of false friends; and a hedgehog means someone ...

Top 10 Christmas lights displays

Created on 28 December 2012. Posted in News

... the festive season.Just the thought of a steaming hot drink cupped in your gloved hands, a woollen cap on your head, a fluffy scarf wrapping you up tight as you soak up the seasonal spirit in a city sparkling ...

The Backpackers Guide to Beirut

Created on 28 December 2012. Posted in News

 Listen, before you let your family and friends dissuade you from travelling to the beautiful but slightly schizophrenic city that is Beirut, Lebanon, let us first give you a complete idea of what ...

In search of excellence

Created on 16 September 2012. Posted in News

... stay. They not only answer your questions, but they support them with their enthusiasm and local knowledge. This attitude makes all the difference. I will work on this when I get home and train my staff ...

Travel Tips

Created on 14 July 2012. Posted in About Lebanon

The Following Tips Are Important To Assure Your Trip Be As Smooth, Easy And Stress-Free As Possible. Packing Remember, packing Lightly enables you to travel lightly. A general rule to follow ...

Lebanon in a week: the ultimate road-trip guide

Created on 09 July 2012. Posted in News

... and try not to develop the local penchant for haring around blind mountain bends. Once well on your way along the country’s rather chaotic coastal highway, make for the far northern city of Tripoli (around ...

Sustainability Interview with Igor Jurišič

Created on 09 July 2012. Posted in News

Today we are speaking to Igor Jurišič from HI Slovenia. Here on HIway, he tells us what Sustainability means to him and his organisation, now and in the future.  Tell us a bit about yourself. What ...

Fed up? Take a weekend hiatus in Istanbul

Created on 25 June 2012. Posted in News

... some sensible footwear: You’ll be doing a lot of walking, and your feet will thank you for it.  - There is a veritable orgy of public transport systems in the city, so make sure you try as many ...

Top 10 destinations to celebrate university graduation

Created on 29 May 2012. Posted in News

... famous cigar factories or treating yourself to dinner and a cabaret show at the original Tropicana Club. 3. Dublin, Ireland Let’s be honest, the first thing many recent grads are hoping to do is to ...

Top 10 holiday destinations to explore by bike

Created on 29 May 2012. Posted in News

... a little more of the flavor that makes Austin famous, start your ride in the SoCo (South of Congress) neighborhood, biking up Congress Avenue and over the Congress Street Bridge (with its bats), toward ...

Top 10 wedding anniversary spots

Created on 27 May 2012. Posted in News

... plenty of resorts in the area, so finding an affordable all-inclusive package is easy. Spend your days basking in the sun, or hit the streets of the Dominican’s bustling capital. As a lesser-known tourist ...

Explore the host of hidden treasures Beirut has on offer

Created on 14 May 2012. Posted in News

... will pique your curiosity and enthusiasm for exploring Lebanon’s capital. 1. Beirut New Waterfront: You’ll no sooner have disembarked from the plane than all and sundry will direct you to the Corniche. ...

Lebanon is number 3 in the world to celebrate Easter

Created on 29 March 2012. Posted in News

... Orthodox tradition, you knock eggs with your neighbor attempting to crack theirs to bring yourself good fortune. 3. Lebanon Visitors will notice the ornately decorated streets, shops and restaurants ...

Useful Information

Created on 13 February 2012. Posted in About Lebanon

... single entry, three-month visa is US$35 (LL50,000). Contact the Lebanese embassy or consulate in your country or see the General Directorate of General Security website for additional visa information. ...

Climate & Weather

Created on 12 February 2012. Posted in About Lebanon

... On a fresh, crisp day you might find yourself as the sole visitor amidst the majestic ruins of Sour (Tyre) or Baalbek, feeling almost transported to the ancient days of the Phoenicians or Romans. Lebanon ...

Explore Lebanon

Created on 11 February 2012. Posted in About Lebanon

... attractions along the coast, including the ancient cities of Jbail (Byblos), Saida (Sidon), and Sour (Tyre). Not only will you avoid the crowds, but you may actually find yourself as the solitary visitor ...

HI Slovenia looks forward to welcoming you

Created on 02 February 2012. Posted in News

... Slovenia at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."  for any information you might need to make your stay in Slovenia perfect.  ...


Created on 31 January 2012. Posted in Activities in Lebanon

... jacket, a helmet and paddles. Remember however to bring your tennis shoes, long sleeve shirt, a bathing suit and a towel. You WILL get wet! Unlike other rivers, Al-Assi offers enough water depth all ...

Rural Heritage

Created on 31 January 2012. Posted in Activities in Lebanon

A rural tour of Lebanon begins on the subtropical coast, ripe with citrus fruits and banana trees. From there, make your way up the Mount Lebanon range, passing characteristically Mediterranean ...
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