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Activities in Lebanon

Hiking & Trekking

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Varied terrain, scenic vistas, and historic environs combine to create unique hiking and trekking opportunities throughout Lebanon.

Popular areas for hikes include the Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve near Tripoli, and the Al-Shouf Cedar Reserve, both of which offer good and extensive trail systems. Other areas with spectacular scenery and unique historical and cultural attractions include the Qadisha Valley, Makmel Park, and the remote Aakkar region in the North.


For a quintessential Lebanese experience, you can wander through the Adonis Valley, a ruggedly cut gorge sprinkled with historic ruins that is the site of Adonis and Aphrodite's love story in Greek mythology. There are many trekking clubs and tour operators that run guided outings throughout Lebanon, ranging from leisurely day hikes to longer multi-day treks

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